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  • H-17 Tool Set-17pcs

H-17 Tool Set-17pcs


■ Aluminium Bronze Alloy and Beryllium Copper Alloy

■ FM, GS, ATEX, BAM Certificates

■ Die Forged

■ High Quality

Products Details
130. Wrench, Pipe350mm
125. Wrench, Adjustable200mm, 300mm
135. Wrench, Combination14mm, 17mm,19mm, 22mm,24mm,27mm
254.Pliers,Long Nose200mm
245.Pliers,Adjustable Combination200mm
223D. Punch, MachinistsΦ18* 160mm
231.Chisel,FlatΦ18* 160mm
260.Slotted Screwdriver6* 150mm
261. Phillips Screwdriver#2* 150mm
187.Hammer,Ball Pein0.91Kg