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What Is The Importance of Using Insulated Tools?

21st. November, 2023

Toolkits are an essential part of a technician's job, so they can sometimes be underestimated. Having access to the right tools enables you to do your work professionally, and most importantly, safely. Most maintenance technicians come into contact with live circuits during their work, which means there is a risk of electric shock if the right tools are not used.

Tool safety should always be a top priority. Not only does it improve performance, but it also provides protection for the user.

Unfortunately, most standard hand tools won't give you any protection against shock unless you insulate them. Simply wrapping your own tools with electrical tape or using tools with plastic grips will not give you peace of mind or safety. Properly insulated tools will.

What are insulated tools?

Insulated tools are designed to prevent injury when you come into contact with live power sources. Each insulated tool must be marked with the year of insulation and the official 1,000-volt rating symbol.

Insulated tools are hand tools used by electricians to help protect them from electrically related accidents, such as death by electrocution.

They are very important when doing any work on a live circuit. Insulated tools provide important protection in cases where disconnection of the circuit is not always possible.

They are also useful in unexpected situations, where you may not be sure if you are working on a live circuit.

Without an insulating tool, serious injury or worse can result.

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Every professional should carry a variety of insulating tools with him at all times. You never know where your next job might take you.

Why use insulated tools?

These products offer much-needed protection. You cannot eliminate high-pressure events. Stay safe and use protection provided by gloves, insulated hand tools, and other safety measures. Before starting any electrical work, be sure to check the current and confirm that the circuit is disconnected before using any potentially live wires.

Insulated tools are important in any work that requires "hot" or live circuits to perform. Insulated tools provide important protection for situations where the circuit cannot be disconnected consistently, such as when working on railway lines that need to remain active.

They are also useful in unexpected situations when you may not know you are using live circuits. Without insulation tools, serious injury, liability and even death can result.

Anyone who uses electricity or works near it knows that safety is a top priority. It determines the clothes you wear, the way you work, and the tools you carry. By tools, I mean all the tools you carry, not just battery-powered test kits.

When working with electricity, the first line of defense is always to shut down the equipment. But sometimes that's not possible. Sometimes a nearby live device has an unknown energy path and may accidentally feed a voltage into the device you are using.

Insulated tools manufacturers recommend that each professional carry along with a special set of insulated tools because you never really know when you will need them.

You also need to ensure that insulated tools are properly kept and checked regularly for wear and tear.