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Does Bronze Spark

Non-sparking: Appropriate for explosive potential environments.

Non-magnetic safety: Essential for equipments that require complete non-magnetic safety.

Corrosion resistant : Specially well suited for applications in corrosive environments like encountered in marine works or fire-fighting applications.

Forged after casting: Provides higher mechanical properties and better finishing.

Ergonomic designs: The use of bi-material anti-slippery handles, dipping anti-slippery handles, totally ergonomic designs make operations easier, more comfortable and master

Botou has available a complete range of copper and brass hammers and mallets made in both materials.

It is convenient to know that copper or brass tools can never be considered as alternatives to aluminum-bronze or copper-beryllium alloy tools, because their hardness is too low for most applications. There is the temptation to choose copper or brass tools due to their lower cost compared to aluminum-bronze or copper-beryllium ones. This choice is not only risky in itself, but in the short/mid term it will be necessary to replace them for new ones because they wear out fast.

For this reason, copper or brass tools should only be used in those jobs that have to be made in risky environments, if the same job would be made with copper or brass tools in a non-risky environment. In case you would use a steel tool in a non-risky environment, than you should choose for your safety and profitability tools made in aluminum-bronze or copper-beryllium to make the same job in a risky environment, never a copper or brass tool.

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Does Bronze Spark

Items with copper composition higher than 65% should not be used in acetylene environments. Both aluminum bronze and copper-beryllium alloys do have copper compositions higher than 65%. The reason is not that copper beryllium can create a spark with enough energy to create the ignition of acetylene, but that copper reacts with acetylene creating highly explosive acetylides. For this reason, copper-beryllium or aluminum-bronze alloys should not be used in acetylene environments.

Non-Sparking Tools cannot reach the hardness of conventional tools. For this reason the use of Non-Sparking Tools has to be carried out with special care, avoiding

overstraining, heating, etc

The use of Non-Sparking Tools must not be the only preventive measure in areas which the items are designed for. Other items, clothes or present material must also be

adequate for non-sparking purposes.

Botou Non-Sparking Tools are provided with lifetime warranty .In case an Botou tool breaks or fails to perform under normal and correct use, it will be repaired or replaced free of cost.Any misuse, abuse or normal service wear is considered as an exception to the warranty.

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