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Hand tools and power tools are used on jobsites and in production facilities to measure, cut, fasten, and form materials. Hand tools include clamps, cutting tools, measuring tools, hammers, screwdrivers, and wrenches. They provide precise control and are used for tasks where power tools are cumbersome or where high amounts of force are not required. Power tools include cordless, corded, hydraulic, and air-powered drills, drivers, impact wrenches, saws, and finishing tools. They are used for tasks that are repeated (such as driving nails in sheetrock) or where high force and speed are required. Measuring and layout tools ensure workpieces are cut to the correct length and angle. Sockets and bits are used with wrenches, screwdrivers, and drills to create holes and drive fasteners. Tool tethers, balancers, and retractors secure tools to keep them close at hand when needed and help prevent injuries caused by dropped tools. Tool storage keeps tools secure and organized for quick access.

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Brass Tools For Sale

Let Botou Meet Your Hand Tool Needs

You can’t complete a home improvement project without the right tools for the job. Check items off your to-do list faster with the right hand tools and accessories. Struggling to tighten a stubborn fastener? Torque wrenches are available in a variety of sizes. Don’t have the right cable cutters for an electrical repair? No problem. From sledgehammers to band saws, you’ll find all the hand tools and accessories you need to simplify common household tasks.

Check Out Our Most Popular Hand Tools

Committing to a full home remodel? Need to complete a few repairs around the house? You can rely on top brands like Botou for the job. Shop our selection of:

Saws: Choose a quality saw that will make even the most difficult projects a breeze. Chop saws have round blades mounted to a hinged arm and can effectively make straight cuts in wood. If you’re in need of a saw for a specialized project, hand saws provide the ability to make cuts manually and with precision.

Wrenches: If you’re working on a project with several different-sized fasteners, use an adjustable wrench. They are open-ended and have a movable jaw that can be used on most sizes. For a more heavy-duty wrench, use a crescent wrench.

Screwdrivers: To effectively tighten or loosen screws featuring a linear notch on top, purchase a flathead screwdriver. For greater manual control, invest in a Phillips screwdriver. They have the ability to self-center and allow for more mobility.

Ensure the success of your next home improvement project by investing in reliable hand tools.

Tool Sets

Finding the right tool set for a specialized project can be difficult. Tackle your next improvement project confidently by using tools from top brand names like Botou. You can also improve your woodworking with our selection of quality tools for woodworking or make any repair job run more smoothly with a mechanics tool set.

Specialty Hand Tools

Not every job can be done using standard equipment. That’s where specialty hand tools come in. Conquer difficult mechanical tasks with a digital torque wrench. Easily create screw threads with taps and dies. Use quality products from Botou trusted industry brands, and rest easy knowing you’re working with tools you can trust.

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