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  • B104 45 Degree Brass Needle Nose Pliers

B104 45 Degree Brass Needle Nose Pliers


■Brass Pliers

■Die Forged

■Cutting wire or holding tiny components.

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The B104 45 brass needle nose pliers feature solid brass construction, foam handle caps, tapered jaws and serrated tips. The overall length is 8 inches (200 mm).

Specimen molds, specimen cutting molds, specimen formers and preformers are a significant investment for rubber and plastics labs.

Using steel tools to perform routine operational tasks such as prying open sample molds or removing stubborn debris from molds and dies can cause excessive wear or damage to these very expensive items.

Using softer brass tools can extend the life of almost any die. botou offers a wide range of commonly used brass tools:

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