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5 Tips For Safe Use Of Non Sparking Tools

29th. January, 2021

5 Tips For Safe Use Of Non-Sparking Tools

What is a sparkless tool?

Non-sparking tools are safety tools, especially when used in environments that are vulnerable to accidents and hazards (such as blasts and explosions). These explosions are usually triggered by sparks generated by the use of traditional steel hand tools in a flammable environment. The use of these types of hand tools can cause friction, which can lead to a spark or two. Even a single spark is enough to set off a devastating, heavy explosion.

Non Sparking Tools

Other reasons that sparks can cause explosions in such environments are that the operation requires a strong impact on equipment and materials, and that steel hand tools accidentally drop onto hard, hard surfaces. Industrial sparkless tools are a clever innovation of hand tools with a non-iron component.

This non-ferrous component reduces the risk of sparks and igniting or causing an explosion in these tools. Nonsparking tools are mainly made of brass, bronze, or alloys of copper and nickel, copper and aluminum, or copper and beryllium.

These hand-held tools are softer than ordinary steel hand-held tools because they are not made of iron. Because of their softness, care must be taken to prevent them from deforming due to the application of forces exceeding the required pressure.

Nonsparking tools are widely used in a variety of industries, including the chemical industry, refineries, fuel pipeline sectors, gas-related applications, and even aerospace applications.

Safety tips to keep in mind when using nonsparking tools

Here are safety tips for using sparkless tools correctly and keeping them in mint condition:

1) Keep it clean

These tools must be kept away from any harmful particle deposits and dust. Many times, the residue will settle at the end of the sparkless tool. These deposits can make the tool more prone to spark, which can cause a fire or explosion.

2) Overall maintenance

Nonsparking tools are fragile devices because of their extraordinary softness compared to steel hand tools. Therefore, it is important to use these tools lightly and maintain them from time to time.

3) Cross ventilation

Dust almost always appears where the air is stagnant and there is no passage in and out. Explosions in fragile environments are common in the presence of dust.

4) Critical check

It's another thing to actively monitor your environment from time to time to ensure that potentially dangerous situations don't arise.

5) The user manual is the bible

All equipment comes with a user manual. The best thing to do before using any device is to thoroughly inspect the device and just follow this.

By following the safety tips above, you can make it very easy to ensure that nonsparking tools are used. Hand tools that are as important as non-spark tools must be purchased from a quality manufacturer. Decreating the quality of a non-sparking tool can kill you.

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