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  • No.AA03-100 Non Sparking Tool Set 100pcs

No.AA03-100 Non Sparking Tool Set 100pcs


■Non-sparking Tools

■Beryllium Copper & Aluminum Bronze

■Die Forged

■FM, GS, ATEX, BAM Certificates

■High Quatily

Products Details

Our 100-piece general/household tool kit is perfect for first-time homebuyers and experienced DIYers. The kit contains the following products in total:

268.Probe-Straight And Right Angled187mm
270.Hacksaw Frame500mm
271.Hacksaw Blade300mm
203A.Putty Knife / Scraper40mm x 200mm
285A.Wire Brush4 x 19
260.Screwdriver Flat3x50,4.5x150,6x100,8x150,10x300,mm
259.Screwdriver Offset6x150,6x130,10x140,mm
261.Screwdriver Cross HeadNo.1*75,No.2*125,No.3*200,No.4*300mm
245.Pliers Adjustable200mm
250.Pliers Flat Nose150mm
253.Pliers Snipe Nose150mm
248.Side Cutter150mm
257C.Wire Snipper170mm
255.Pliers Round Nose150mm
246.Pliers Combination200mm
125.Adjustable Spanner18x150,30x250,mm
131.Adjustable Pipe Wrench50mm x 350mm
187.Ballpein Hammer0.68Kg
191D.Club Hammer1.8Kg
231.Cold Chisel16x160,25x230,mm
237.Pry Bar16mm x 455mm
240.Swan Neck Bar (Wrecking Bar)455mm
120.Ratchet1/2” Square
117.Sliding Bar1/2” Square
122.Extension Bar1/2”Sqx100mm,1/2”Sqx250mm
112.Universal Joint1/2” Square
104.Socket 1/2"10,11,12,13,14,15,17,19,22,24,27,30,mm
166.Hex Wrench1.5,2,2.5,3,4,5,6,8,10,mm
167.Hex Wrench1/16",5/64",3/32",1/8",5/32",3/16",7/32",1/4",5/16",3/8",7/16"
146.Double Open Spanner7/16x1/2",1/2x11/16",9/16x5/8",3/4x13/16",7/8x15/16",1x1-1/8",1-1/16x1-1/4"
146.Double Open Spanner10x11,12x13,14x15,16x17,18x19,20x22mm
252A.Water Pump Plier250mm
238D.Mine Prodder1030mm
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