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  • AA07-16 Tool Set-16pcs

AA07-16 Tool Set-16pcs


■ Aluminium Bronze Alloy and Beryllium Copper Alloy

■ FM, GS, ATEX, BAM Certificates

■ Die Forged

■ High Quatily

Products Details
203A.Putty Knife50*200mm
252A.Water Pump Pliers300mm
244.Tin Shears300mm
125.Adjustable Wrench24*200mm,36*300mm
179.Bung Wrench385mm
246.Lineman Pliers200mm
254.Snipe Nose Pliers200mm
185.Claw Hammer680g
286A. Brush4*16
202B.Common Knife137*250mm
209.Deck Scraper300mm
261. Phillips Screwdriver150mm
260. Slotted Screwdriver8* 150mm
131.Pipe Wrench(American Type) Case50-350mm