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Non-Sparking  Socket

Non-sparking impact sockets do not spark when tightening and loosening fasteners, making them suitable for use in locations where flammable vapors or combustible liquids are present. They are used with impact power tools and can apply greater torque than standard sockets when loosening and tightening a variety of fasteners. They have an enclosed head that fits and grips the entire head of the fastener, so the socket will not slip off. Impact power wrenches have a small square piece called a driver that fits into the same size drive end as the socket to securely attach to the drive tool. The sockets are constructed to attach securely to the impact tool, so the sockets do not fly off the drive of the impact wrench during use. They can handle the higher torque and vibration generated by impact power wrenches when turning fasteners.

Non-Sparking Beryllium Copper (BeCu), Brass or Aluminum Bronze (AlCu) Non-Sparking Sockets and Accessories

Botou manufactures a variety of non-sparking heavy duty industrial grade impact sockets to meet customer standards and custom designs, including special applications such as non-sparking railcar impact sockets for dome covers (manholes), and super heavy duty heavy duty impact sockets. Wall or thin wall impact sleeves. Beryllium copper (BeCu) impact sleeves and aluminum bronze copper alloys are available in a variety of sizes, depths and driver combinations, including inch and metric sizes, to provide the widest selection and best fit for your application. Beryllium copper impact sleeves and "brass" or bronze impact sleeves each have advantages and disadvantages for different applications.

View our list of non-sparking heavy duty impact sleeves above to see the available sizes, shapes and lengths of non-sparking impact sleeves

While most users choose industry standard aluminum bronze (AlCu, AlBr) non-sparking impact sleeves to achieve a good balance of cost and performance, consider that other alloys such as beryllium copper (BeCu) may be a better choice and can provide improved performance, product life or additional benefits. If you have any questions, we are happy to discuss which non-sparking or non-magnetic product may best suit your needs and explore the considerations to help you make the best decision.

On the Internet, low-strength non-sparking hand sleeves are mistaken for impact sleeves. Botou only manufactures heavy-duty industrial-load impact sleeves in ATEX-certified alloys to prevent fire and explosion, so you can rest assured that every sleeve we make is a true impact sleeve - designed to meet or exceed the applicable ANSI/ASME impact sleeve specifications. Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications, our non-sparking "explosion-proof" impact sockets are designed to be compatible with all industry-standard manual torque wrenches, impact wrenches, ratchets and hydraulic torque wrenches. Available as individual non-sparking impact sockets, or as complete non-sparking impact socket kits, sized to fit your desired range. We do not manufacture lightweight items unless thin-walled configurations are available upon request. Kits can be purchased as a set of individual sockets or packaged in a storage box to keep them together and in a convenient "carry-on" protective case. The option to mold storage inserts helps ensure that your tools stay organized and in tip-top shape.

Visit our website at ( and peruse the tens of thousands (check the list or contact us to update the list for you) of Non-Sparking sockets for your application, including hard-to-find shapes such as 4-point square, heavy-duty hex and 12-point impact sockets. Choose from virtually all sizes, shapes and lengths of inch and metric impact sockets to fit your application, including 6-point, 4-point, 8-point double-sided and 12-point. Choose from a variety of depths, including the common ANSI "standard depth" or "regular length", as well as the common ANSI "depth"; and our proprietary designs for for applications requiring extra deep internal stud hole clearance. Task-specific designs, such as special jobs and the use of railcar manhole covers, are also available to ensure you have the right tool for the job.

Use the updated website link above to view our large selection of catalog sizes and shapes, or contact us and anyone on our sales team will be happy to assist with pricing and availability, or help find customizable options.

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