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Use occasions and methods

19th. September, 2019

I. Use occasions of non-sparking tools

Non-sparking tools: sparkless safety tools made of rare precious metals, suitable for coal mines, chemical industry, oil refining, mining, petroleum, anti-terror, anti-magnetic field, natural gas, oil and gas pipelines, power generation, metallurgy, aviation, aerospace, storage and transportation, pharmaceutical, gas-making, plastics, chemical fibers, leather, fireworks, firecrackers and other industries.In flammable and explosive working environment,using non-sparking tools can effectively prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion accidents.

2. Use and maintenance of non-sparking tools

A. All kinds of tools should be cleaned up before use.

B. Clean up surface contamination and deposits after use, store them in a dry place and keep them in isolation from corrosive substances.

C. Striking tools can not be hit continuously.Every strike should remove debris and rust adhering to the hit part of the tool in time, and then continue to use.When striking for more than ten times, there should be      appropriate intervals.

D. Spanner products should not be used with excessive force,not be used to lengthen the force arm by bushing or binding other metal bars, and to knob fasteners by hammering (except for striking spanners).

E. Tools of cutting edge should be placed in the water tank and gently touched with grinding wheel for grinding, not push too hard and too long time to contact grinding wheel.

F. In the practical operation of striking and smashing tools, it is necessary to remove debris and oxides corroded on the working surface to prevent the third party from striking.

G. All kinds of non-sparking tools should be carefully operated before and after use. They should be handled lightly and not thrown anywhere on the rock or cement floor.

H. Using the striking tools in rock operation,they can be operated when the touched workplace is immersed in water.