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These are tools specifically made from materials that won't produce sparks, even if they come into contact with hard surfaces or each other. They are commonly used in places like oil refineries, chemical plants, and other settings where safety is a top concern. Using non-sparking tools minimizes the chances of causing fires or explosions.

Everything You Need To Know About Non-Sparking Tools

China Non Sparking Tools Sets Manufacturers

Botou's non-sparking, corrosion-resistant safety tools are the ideal solution for hazardous materials where flammable or combustible vapors, liquids, dusts or residues may be present.Botou makes non-sparking tools optimized for ignition sources for first responders and cleanup crews, where Botou's non-sparking safety tools include Non-sparking Sockets and Accessories, Non-sparking Wrenches, Non-sparking Hammers & Shovels, Non-sparking Knives Chisels and Bars, Non-sparking Shears and Pliers, Non-sparking Screwdrivers and Non-sparking Tool Sets, etc.

These types of Non Sparking tools are made of non-ferrous metals, which means they are iron-free alloys. They have two unique characteristics. First, non sparking tools, as their name suggests, do not produce sparks. This makes them perfect for work involving flammable conditions. The second unique property, again due to the lack of iron, is that they are also non-magnetic tools. Working on hospital equipment, such as MRI machines, these tools are possible.

Botou's non-sparking tools and non-magnetic hand tools are made of special aluminum bronze (AlBr) or beryllium copper (CuBe) alloys and are safe for use in explosion-proof areas and locations where hazardous, flammable or combustible vapors, liquids, dust or residues may be present. The equipment covers the needs of a wide range of non-sparking and non-magnetic tools, including non-sparking impact tools, non-magnetic fastening tools and non-sparking cutting tools.

Materials of non sparking tools

Non-sparking tools are important for use in facilities that may have explosive atmospheres or where the possibility of fire or explosion from sparks is of particular concern for any reason. This usually involves production facilities containing flammable gases, mists, dusts or liquids. Non-flammable tools are commonly used in oil refineries, paper companies and ammunition plants. Food processing facilities using powdered milk, egg whites, cornstarch, grains, flour or cornstarch may also use non-sparking tools, as all of these tools create combustible dust hazards.  

These great tools are made of several different alloys:

Not only are plastic tools at the top of everyone's "must have" list, but they are definitely non-magnetic and they will never spark.

Beryllium copper is the strongest and hardest copper alloy, boasting a tensile strength of 1280-1480 MPa. Beryllium copper tools are a must for the toughest jobs.

Brass tools are a bit more expensive, they are durable and have an aesthetic sheen. These tools can be stained, but this does not diminish their quality.

Bronze is electrically conductive, but does not produce sparks. These tools have a long history in mechanical engineering and combat, and are an excellent addition to any toolbox.

Aluminum-copper alloys are a lightweight alternative to many of the heavier copper-based alloys. Although not as strong as beryllium alloys, this alloy will hold its own.

Features of non sparking tools

After defining the area and environment in which we will be using explosion-proof tools, one of the most important features to consider when selecting the right tool is the right material, depending on the type of tool and its purpose. Many materials can be non-sparking, but what the tools are looking for is fairly good resistance that allows them to be used in good conditions.

It is important to select and use the right tool for a given task so that the worker can complete it in less time and move on to a new task. Choosing the right non-sparking tools not only helps prevent accidents, but also prevents high costs to the company, such as damaged infrastructure, materials that need to be repaired, and even costs caused by accidents.

The most common materials used to make these explosion-proof tools are usually alloys of non-ferrous materials. botou gives preference to two materials for more robust and durable tools: aluminum bronze and beryllium copper.

Beryllium copper has a high hardness, from 280 to 350 Brinell, and it is used specifically for tools with cutting surfaces, such as saw blades and cutting pliers, or small surfaces that require hardness, such as screwdriver bits.

Aluminum bronze has a higher energy absorption capacity and higher impact resistance due to its flexibility. This material is the right choice for tools that are more prone to wear, such as striking wrenches or hammers.

Maintenance and storage considerations for Non Sparking Tools

It is important to remember that non-sparking tools are not as strong as steel tools. For this reason, they wear out more quickly, depending on the working environment and the precautions taken to maintain them. Thorough maintenance of your tools is highly recommended to prolong their service life.

- Choose the right size for the right task to prevent tools from falling off.

- Avoid contact with corrosive products, such as iron or other contaminants that may affect the non-sparking characteristics.

- Clean non-sparking tools after use to avoid deterioration.

- Never use non-sparking tools in an environment where acetylene is present, as it can cause explosive acetylene compounds.

-Non-sparking tools that may be worn, such as hammers or impact wrenches, should be inspected frequently.

Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group

Botou has 5 series of beryllium copper and aluminum bronze non-sparking tools, titanium tools, special steel tools, insulating tools and stainless steel tools. They are widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, mining and metallurgy, medical and food industries, etc. With an annual output of 5 million pieces of non-sparking tools, the products not only cover the domestic market, but also exported to more than 110 countries and regions. The domestic market share accounts for more than 80% and 96% of the total export value of non-sparking tools in China.

We are one of the top ten enterprises in China and a famous export brand in China, with the famous Chinese trademark "Qiaofang" and two famous brands "Zhongbo" and "X-Spark" for export. We have the Royal UKAS certification, German TUV and GS certification, and American FM certification. At the same time, we have successfully registered in more than 30 countries such as EU, Japan, Singapore, Russia, India, Taiwan, etc.

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