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Safetytools is one of the pre-eminent providers of non-sparking insulated tools that help professionals working in industrial environments reduce fire or explosion risk. The tools are made from impact-resistant and flame-retardant materials that prevent sparking in confined spaces. They have two color insulation that eases the process of inspection and adds to the overall safety. 

At Safetytools, we have a team of experienced professionals who supervise the entire process of tools to ensure their highest quality and functionality. Our offered insulated hand tools protect workers from electrical shock and arc, along with protecting the equipment that is under repair. The tools are crucial for workers, no matter even if they are working on a de-energized piece of equipment, they are still likely to be near to any other energized equipment. If a worker is using a non-insulated hand tool while working near an energized equipment and accidentally contacts it, the equipment will send high voltage through the tool directly to the worker.

Why Choose Non-sparking insulated tools?

Safetytools is counted among the best non-sparking Insulated tools provider, offering the widest range of high-quality tools to professionals working in hazardous work environments daily. 

The insulated hand tools are way different from the regular tools that have some extra rubber on the handles. The non-sparking insulated tools are specifically designed to protect the workers from electrical shocks that can range up to 1500 V dc. 

Every part of the tool is coated with effective insulation layers in such a way that no part of the tool will conduct electricity if it comes into contact with high voltage. The tools are flame resistant and function well at different temperatures. They come in carrying cases or tool rolls that make it easier to move them from one job site to another.

What makes us one of the top non-sparking insulated tools Suppliers?

We have an experienced workforce that carries the process of insulated tools rigorously. Our personnel works on ensuring the overall quality and performance of the tool. Every tool is tested by people doing outstanding work in the quality department for years before they are delivered to our customers. The tools have a secure grip that reduces the possibility of tool slippage or drop, thus minimizing the chances of injuries. 

Why our tools are safe to use:

The tools go through a visual inspection to ensure that they are free from cracks, cuts, nicks, or any other damage.

The tools are perfect to use in confined spaces and compatible with ambient temperatures of different industries.

The tools are completely insulated, and no part of the tool will conduct electricity if it gets in contact with an energized source.

The tools are easy to clean and provide many years of reliable service.

Get the best tools at the best prices.

We highly recommend that every professional must carry a set of insulated tools with them on the job to protect themselves from electrical shocks and injuries.