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Use Of Explosion-Proof Tools

21st. May, 2021

Use Of Explosion-Proof Tools

Explosion-proof tools should be used safely and properly.

First of all, when using tools, their varieties and specifications should be selected reasonably according to needs. It should not be replaced by a small one, nor should it be used as a steel tool. It should be noted that when using adjustable wrenches, pipe wrenches, and open wrenches, pay attention to the direction of the force and do not twist them arbitrarily. When using a tool with a blade, first measure the hardness of the workpiece itself. It is strictly forbidden to use tool hardness. When the workpiece is electrically fastened, semi-permanently fixed, or corroded, and no other measures are taken before using the hand tool, it should be prohibited to use to avoid damage to the tool.

Second, after the explosion-proof tools are closed, they should be wiped clean at any time. If it is not used within half a year, it should be refueled or preserved with anti-corrosion methods. Those who have been out of service for more than one year should refuel and put them in a bag or box. Some parts of used tools are naturally worn or damaged, especially tools with blades, which can be repaired in a non-hazardous place. If the damage is severe and it is not suitable for self-repair, it should be scrapped and no sick work is allowed.

Third, when using explosion-proof hand tools, try to use them in a dry environment as much as possible. If it is unavoidable to use in a humid environment, try to speed up the operation speed, reduce the working time, and prevent the occurrence of corrosion to a large extent. Wipe clean at any time after use, and it is strictly forbidden to put it in a box with corrosive substances.

Fourth, various explosion-proof hand tool wrenches have different rated strengths. It is strictly forbidden to use the casing for overloading. Except for the knocking wrench, other tools should not be knocked, so as not to break and deform due to overload, which will affect normal use.

The detonation spark is not generated by the explosion-proof tool itself, but by the work object. The use of explosion-proof tools cannot prevent this explosion, but other explosion-proof methods must be used.

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