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How Should Non-Sparking Tools Be Maintained?

06th. February, 2020

1. Non-sparking safety tools bring safety guarantee to our staff working in those flammable, explosive and corrosive workplaces, which makes our social security more perfect and ours Staff worked more at ease.

After our non-sparking tools are used in our daily work, there should be a proper maintenance phase, which is very critical to the life of the tools, because if the maintenance of non-sparking tools is not proper, our tools will not last long. To serve us. First of all, we must store the tools in a dry place, this is to prevent some parts of the work from being damaged.

In our daily work, the surface attachment of the tool should be treated after 20 consecutive taps, and then cleaned before use. Do not use it continuously, so as to prevent the tool from heating because of prolonged friction. May damage our tool products.

2. After use, clean up dirt and deposits on the surface and store in a dry and safe place.

3. Percussion tool products must not be continuously struck. There should be appropriate intervals more than ten times. At the same time, the debris on the product parts must be removed in time before continuing to use.

4. The labor saving wrench cannot be used at excessive force, nor can it be extended with a sleeve or other metal rods, or a hammer (except for hitting the wrench) to turn the fastener. .

5. The cutting edge tools should be placed in the water tank to lightly contact the grinding wheel for sharpening. Do not use excessive force and contact the grinding wheel for a long time.

6. In the actual operation of smashing tools, the debris on site and the corroded oxides on the working surface must be removed to prevent third parties from striking.

According to the above performance and use, it shows that aluminum-copper alloy is more suitable for normal pressure equipment and environments with less stringent explosion-proof conditions (such as gas stations, small oil depots, etc.) during normal use. The applicability of beryllium copper alloy explosion-proof tools (such as oil refineries, gas transfer stations, gas production plants, drilling teams, etc.).

Various products should be cleaned from the surface before use, according to the instructions of steel tools

 Labor Saving Wrench

Labor Saving Wrench