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Do You Know Zhongbo Explosion-Proof Tools?

16th. January, 2020

Tool Set-10pcs manufacturer will share with you: Internationally referred to as safety tools and non-sparking tools Domestically referred to as explosion-proof tools, explosion-proof tools produced, sold and distributed in China can be divided into two categories: Aluminum copper alloy (commonly known as aluminum bronze) explosion-proof tools and beryllium copper alloy (commonly known as beryllium bronze) explosion-proof tools. Mainly used in petroleum refining and petrochemical industry, coal mine, oil field, natural gas chemical industry, gunpowder industry, chemical fiber industry, paint industry, fertilizer industry, various pharmaceutical industries. Oil tankers and LPG vehicles, airplanes, warehouses operating flammable and explosive materials, electrolytic workshops, telecommunication machine assembly workshops, places that require tools not rusty, wear-resistant and anti-magnetic.

Non Sparking Safety Tools

Non Sparking Safety Tools

What are the materials of explosion-proof tools?

Explosion-proof tools are made of beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze. Raw materials of beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze do not spark during impact or friction. When the tools and objects are rubbed or impacted, the heat generated in a short time is absorbed and conducted. The reason is that because copper is relatively soft, it has good concession during friction and impact, and it is not easy to produce tiny metal particles. Therefore, we can hardly see sparks, which is very suitable for manufacturing explosive, flammable, strong magnetic and corrosive. Safety tools used in occasions.

1. Beryllium bronze: Beryllium bronze is a steel abutment gold with beryllium as the basic alloy element, and its beryllium content is 1-2.5%. Contains trace amounts of cobalt, magnesium, iron and other trace elements. When beryllium bronze is subjected to high-speed impact or high-speed friction, its mechanical energy is converted into thermal energy when it is applied to the surface of the object, and the surface temperature suddenly rises. However, due to its high electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, the heat on the work surface is quickly transferred to other parts of the workpiece, and the heat on the work surface is drastically reduced. Some particles detached from the workpiece under impact or friction have a temperature of Less than the temperature of the ignition source. The compounds of beryllium bronze metals are relatively stable and have a high melting point and are not easy to violently oxidize. During high-speed impact or friction, although the temperature of the applied surface or some of the detached particles has risen, none of them can react violently with oxygen and other flammable gases, forming an ignition source. This material is widely used in the manufacture of important parts and explosion-proof tools in some special occasions.

2. J892 copper alloy: J892 copper alloy explosion-proof tools are suitable for various types of explosive gas occasions. In general production, the hardness of J892 copper alloy material is higher than that of beryllium bronze material, which is closer to the hardness of steel tool products. At present, the toughness of J892 copper alloy can not reach the level of steel tools, so J892 copper alloy explosion-proof tools cannot be used for overloading, nor can a sleeve be added to the wrench to extend the arm or use a hammer on the handle. operation.

3. Aluminum bronze: There are two commonly used aluminum bronzes: first, when the Al content is less than 9.4%, the metallurgical phase is a dendritic single α phase solid solution (solid solution of Al in Cu), and the second is when the Al content is 1.8-9.4 At%, its organization is: α + β1 + a small amount of α + γ2. Its thermal conductivity is very good. Most of the heat generated during friction and collision with other objects is absorbed by the tool and dissipated. The heat generated by the ground particles is low, and it will not cause the explosion of the mixture of air and combustible substances.

From processing a small hammer, it can now produce more than 1,000 series and more than 10,000 specifications of explosion-proof tools. The products are sold to more than 110 countries and regions. The 37-year-old Hebei Zhongbo Explosion-proof Tools Group Co., Ltd. Product quality and honest and trustworthy quality have been rated as "good faith manufacturer" by the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Hardware and Electrical Chamber of Commerce for 17 consecutive years. If you are interested in our non sparking safety tools, please feel free to contact us.