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How to maintain Non-sparking tools

03rd. January, 2021

Non-sparking tools is to ensure the use of safety tools in flammable and explosive places without spark caused accidents, as the non-sparking tool itself, it is a major responsibility, for this reason, we should also take good care of it, in order to protect national property and personal safety.

Non-sparking tools in the process of use, to comply with the above requirements, after use, to check whether the tools are intact, such as edge wear, should be repaired in non-flammable and explosive places; such as non-sparking chain hoist and other assembly products, must be in accordance with the attached instructions for use item by item inspection.

After the use of the tool, it is necessary to wipe it clean in time to avoid the corrosion and damage caused by the adhered liquid, particles, dust and dirt to the non-sparking tool. The non-sparking tools that are not used for a long time should be wiped clean, do anti-rust treatment, put into dry environment to preserve, avoid exposed storage in wet environment.

Assembly type non-sparking tools, such as non-sparking ratchet wrench, non-sparking pipe wrenches, non-sparking adjustable wrench, non-sparking chain hoist and so on, can not be disassembled at will, not to remove and replace spare parts at will, to avoid damage caused by improper coordination.