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How To Maintain The Wrench

29th. July, 2021

How To Maintain The Wrench

Wrenches are used to tighten bolts and nuts. The three most common types of wrenches are adjustable wrenches, combination wrenches, and torque wrenches.

The adjustable wrench allows you to grasp various sizes of nut heads with perfect ease. The size of their head can be easily adjusted.

A combination wrench is a set of wrenches of different sizes. Choose the appropriate size to tighten or loosen the nut.

A torque wrench is a tool that allows you to precisely apply torque to the nut. If you are doing a project from the automotive, mechanical or electrical industries, where the fasteners need to be torqued with precision, a torque wrench is ideal.

A good wrench can be used for a lifetime if it is taken care of and not abused.

Daily care

The wrench must be dry. Before storing, you need to wipe off the dirt on the surface of the wrench with a clean cloth, even if it is stored overnight.

Toolboxes or tool rolls are the best tools for storing wrenches to prevent them from being covered by dust. Over time, dust can cause corrosion.

The wrench should be stored in a dry place because moisture can cause corrosion, and other tools will not fall on the wrench and damage the profile.



Occasional care

Apply a thin layer of oil to the wrench every once in a while. The oil provides a barrier to prevent moisture from reaching the wrench surface and rusting.

Chrome-plated wrenches can benefit from polishing using vehicle metal polishing. If you do this when you use the tool for the first time and every once in a while, the polishing can help prevent corrosion and keep the surface shiny.

Check your wrench occasionally for damage. A damaged wrench can damage the fasteners.

A tool that is bent can be bent back to its original shape, but where it is bent becomes weaker. Be aware that bent tools can easily destroy weak points, even if they appear to be fixed.

Use during nursing

Be sure to use the fasteners on the wrench of the correct size. An oversized wrench will damage the fasteners, making it difficult to remove or reinstall. It can also damage the profile of the wrench.

If you try to remove or install a fastener, try not to use brute force to resolve the situation. The cause of a fastener jam is usually simple. If it can be solved and handled, it can prevent damage to fasteners, wrenches, and workpieces.

Permeable oil can help loosen fasteners that have been corroded, and lubricants (such as silicon lubricants) can help tighten fasteners that are difficult to rotate during installation.

The wrench should not be struck unless it is an ordinary wrench designed to rotate the shaft with a hammer. The ratchet wrench is not suitable for impact, because the impact will damage the ratchet mechanism.

Similarly, it is not recommended to use pipes or other wrenches to extend the wrench shaft to turn hard fasteners, because most tools are not designed to withstand the extra force. If you must do this, use an extension bar and do not hook the two wrenches together.

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