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Everything You Need To Know About Insulated Tools

21st. July, 2021

For professionals, the safety of tools is the most important. Choosing the right tool is not only a matter of performance but also the protection it provides to users.

Choosing between two tools that may look and perform identical, but provide different levels of protection depending on the application, may mean the difference between life and death.

Why insulated tools?

The use of insulated tools is not the first choice for professionals to work in the presence of current. From a performance point of view, the same task can be accomplished with conventional tools. There is an important difference: insulated tools provide users with protection against electric shocks up to 1000 volts.

Insulated tools are generally more expensive than conventional tools. The process for each tool to provide users with comprehensive protection from electric shock is complex and time-consuming.

Choosing an insulated tool: things to consider

Once you have decided on your favorite tool design, here are some important things to consider when choosing an insulated tool:

Choose a reputable tool manufacturer. The overall quality of insulated tools cannot be judged solely by the method of insulation. The quality and performance of the basic tools are the most basic.

Check the grip. Choose an insulated tool to provide a safe grip tool. This reduces the possibility of tools falling or slipping, thereby reducing the risk of personal injury.

Compare the guarantee. When all the conditions are the same, the tool warranty (and how to handle the warranty) can make a difference in the efficiency and time loss of warranty claims. A reputable brand will guarantee the life of its insulating tools.

Another important aspect of choosing an insulated tool brand is the ability to provide customized tools that are not part of its standard classification. This is especially valuable for professional users, who may encounter applications that need to be designed with custom sizes or tools.

Insulated tool

Insulated tool

How to ensure the safe use of insulated tools

Every time you plan to use insulated tools, perform a visual inspection. If any cracks, scratches, cuts, or other damage to the outer orange layer are visible, do not use the tool and bring it to the attention of your supervisor.

Insulated tools can only be used in areas where the ambient temperature meets the manufacturer's specifications.

Do not touch any un-insulated parts of the tool, otherwise, you may come into contact with a live power source.

Insulated tools should be kept away from sharp objects such as utility knives to avoid damaging the insulating materials.

Keep insulated tools away from heat sources.

Clean and maintain your insulated tools regularly to ensure years of reliable service.

Ideally, the power is always turned off before starting and repairing or checking items. For instances where this is not possible, it is important to remember that insulated tools are an important link in the entire safety chain. Other important safety considerations include the use of insulated gloves and boots, as well as arc flash protection clothing.

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