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How To Maintain Non Sparking Tools?

24th. November, 2021

Non Sparking Tools

Non sparking tools bring safety to our workers who work in workplaces that are flammable, explosive, and corrosive. This makes our society safer and our workers more secure in their work.

Non-sparking tools should have a proper maintenance phase after our daily work. Proper maintenance is crucial to the life of the tool because if the non-sparking tool is not properly maintained, it can make our tool not serve us for a long time.


Proper maintenance of non-sparking hand tools


1. First of all, we have to keep non-sparking tools in a dry place so that the working parts will not be damaged.

2. In our daily work, we should deal with the surface adhesion of non-sparking tools after knocking 20 times continuously, wipe clean and then do use, never use continuously, so as not to be in friction for a long time will make the tool heat, which may damage our tool products.

3. After using sparkless tools to wipe clean the surface dirt and accumulation, place in a dry and safe place to store.

4. knocking type spark resistant tools products, not continuous strikes, more than ten times should be appropriate interval, and at the same time to promptly remove the product parts sticky debris before continuing to use.

Non sparking wrenches

5. Non sparking wrenches should not be used with excessive force, not to mention the use of casing or tying other metal bars to lengthen the force arm, as well as hammering (except for knocking wrenches) method of screwing fasteners.

6. Edge tools should be placed in the sink to gently touch the grinding wheel for sharpening, not too hard, and too long in contact with the grinding wheel.

7. In the actual operation of the knocking type spark proof tools, the site must be cleared of debris and corrosive oxides on the work surface to prevent third-party impact.

8. All kinds of non-sparking tools to remove surface oil before use, according to the steel tools refer to the instructions for use.


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