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How To Deal With a Chain Jam On a Hand Chain Hoist?

13th. October, 2021

Hand chain hoist

Hand chain hoist in the process of work may encounter pulling the chain when stuck, resulting in the hoist does not work without lifting the situation. This type of problem is the hand chain hoist chain jam. What is the cause of the chain of the hand chain hoist jam? How to deal with such problems after they occur? Read on for more information.


Hand chain hoist chain jam causes

1. In the case of lifting chain has deformation continue to use if the lifting chain deformation and the original guide wheel continue to contact will be stuck.

2. The lifting chain is not smooth before use, causing the chain to screw the chain to lift, the chain is stuck on top of the parts.

3. Improper operation of the user causes deformation of hoist cover shell, squeezing inward, causing deformation of internal parts. When the guide wheel is affected by the deformation will directly affect the operation of the chain, resulting in chain jamming and other failures.

4. After use, the hand chain hoist is placed with the hand, the chain into the hand chain hoist guide wheel, in use when not removed in a timely manner, so that the pull drive chain will cause the lifting chain to jammed.



1. The hand chain should be repaired or scrapped immediately after the deformation of the lifting chain of the hand chain.

2. Before using the hand chain hoist should be hung vertically to see if the lifting chain is knotted, screw the chain, smooth the chain before use.

3. After use should find a bracket to hang the hand chain hoist, can not be placed at random. Should also be regularly coated with lubricant on the lifting chain to avoid oxidation or rusting of the lifting chain.


Be wary of the wrong use

1. Arbitrarily pick up the manual hoist will be directly into use, so that due to some of the basic situations in advance we are not careful to understand the hand chain hoist, and the use of some of its check or oiling and other preparatory work before, resulting in its use of security greatly reduced.

2. After the use of its maintenance operations will not be taken down in a timely manner, or directly take down the random pile, which will lead to the use of inverted chain damage can not be repaired, thus laying a critical ambush for its next use.

3. Arbitrarily pull the hand-pull chain for lifting operations, so the chain, and even the entire safety of the use of hand chain hoist, are damaged, the correct operation is: within 30 degrees of deviation from the range of running pull, to be a heavy object is about to rise to a certain position, the uniform deceleration of the pulling operation.

The last thing to note! When the hand chain hoist card chain, please use the correct way to adjust. Strong pulling and tugging are prohibited! We are a Non-Sparking Chain Hoist supplier, please feel free to contact us if you need them.