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A Guide To Chain Hoists

20th. October, 2021

Chain hand wrench hoist, also known as reverse chain hand wrench hoist, is a manual lifting tool for heavy grade working level.

The chain hand wrench hoist is a lifting tool driven by human power through the handle to drive the wire rope or chain to drive the movement of the pickup device. Its compact structure, easy to carry, easy to operate, suitable for remote areas and field lifting, tugging operations, and lifting and tugging distance is not limited by the length of the selected wire rope or chain.


Chain hand chain hoist classification

RB type chain hoist

The structure is a one-piece structure of a high-quality carbon structural steel plate. The load-bearing part adopts high-frequency quenching technology to increase the thickness of the steel plate, and the nickel-plated chain is used to greatly improve the strength.

LX type chain hoist

Adopting the end support upper hook tongue structure, so that the tongue can be firmly fixed on the hook, resistant to deformation and strong resistance to damage.


Features of chain hoist

1. All gears rotate

2. All alloy chains of structural steel special grade

3. Advanced structure, safe and reliable in use, durable

4. High efficiency of the whole machine, simple and comfortable operation. Small size, lightweight, easy to carry.

5. Surface is sprayed with plastic treatment

6. Professional alloy hook can meet the overload of the product

7. Bearings or bushings are provided at the rotation of gears and shafts


Application range of chain hoist

It is an ideal tool for equipment installation, cargo lifting, object fixing, tying, and traction, especially for traction at any angle and in the case of the narrow site, open-air operation, and no power supply, which shows its superiority. The chain hoist is new, efficient, safe, and durable with three major functions of lifting, traction, and tensioning, with reasonable structure design, high safety factor, and long service life, especially suitable for fields without a power source.


Use of methods and precautions

The specifications of the chain hoist refer to the lifting capacity (t), lifting height (m), hand pull (kg), the number of lifting chains. For example, the model SH2 chain pulling hoist lifting capacity of 2t, lifting height of 3.0m, hand pulling force of 32.5kg.

1. pulling the chain should be slow and smooth, not too hard.

2. The rope sleeve used for suspending heavy objects must be firm and of appropriate length.

3. Before pulling, check the chain for damage and prevent it from breaking.

4. be lifted by the heavy objects shall not exceed the allowable load range of the chain hand chain hoist.

5. suspension of the chain hand chain hoist bracket or ring must have adequate support and suspension strength.

6. chain hand chain hoist hoisted by the heavy swing do not be too violent, the heavy objects below the standing people are strictly prohibited.


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