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What is Non-Sparking Safety Tool

19th. July, 2019

● Non-sparking tools are used in inflammable and explosive environments where some sparks are produced by accidental friction, impact, impact or falling on the hard surface of traditional steel tools.

Why are they non-sparking?

● The non-sparking performance mainly comes from its manufacturing materials. The chemical composition of the material used (electrolytic copper) purity is over 99.7%, the impurity composition of other alloy materials is less than 0.05%. After the material is synthesized (Cu+Be+Co+Ni over 99.5%), drop hammer test and friction test are carried out in the gas (hydrogen concentration is 21%) without spark or detonating gas. This material is called non-sparking material. The tools are called non-sparking tools. The hardness of all kinds of non-sparking tools is about HRC30-40.

Interpretation of the Fourth Generation Products

● The first generation products adopt the traditional casting technology ( casting products)

There are air holes, trachoma, casting shrinkage, rough and irregular surface, easy to bend, cause deformation, easy to break, short service life (simple process, grinding tire products, low manufacturing cost).

● Steel Mould Casting Technology for Second Generation Products

The surface refinement of steel mould casting products is fast, and small cracks will occur. Local shrinkage and fracture will usually occur in the uneven thickness of tool surface.

● Precision Casting Technology for Three Generations of Products

Precision casting products are suitable for the production of small and medium-sized tools, but large tools are not perfect.

● Manufacturing Technology of Fourth Generation Products (Die Forging making)

According to the shape of the mould, first the rough casting is made, then the rough casting is heated scientifically to the prescribed temperature. Then the rough casting is calendered by different tonnage friction press machine (150-2500T) according to the size of the tools. The advantages are: high density, good toughness, smooth surface, clear handwriting, not easy to bend, not easy to break, even hardness and long service life. The production process has been declared a national patent, patent No.: ZL200410064548.9.

● Five Generation Product Manufacturing Process (Import Selection & Precision forged )

Selection of Imported Raw Materials

Intelligent professional production line

DIN Standard Die Forging Full Covering

Introduction of German Advanced Technology according to ISO Standard

New Automatic Packaging Machine

It is the world's top level technology standard for manufacturing non-sparking tools. It is the only advanced enterprise in the world that uses die forging & precision forging technology to produce non-sparking tools.

What is Non-Sparking Safety Tool

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