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Why Are Explosion-Proof Tools Used in Special Fields?

23rd. May, 2020

When working in an area that is at risk of fire or Explosion, you have to have specific Hand Tools: explosion proof hand tools, for example. Because they are exquisitely designed to minimize detail. Ensure maximum professional job safety.

What is the explosion-proof tool?

Conventional hand tools are usually made of materials such as chrome-vanadium steel alloys and are therefore not suitable for use in high-explosive environments: in fact, a fall could produce a deadly spark that could endanger platforms and other platforms. In this case, it is necessary to use special non sparking tools.

Tools and work objects rub against each other and do not produce sparks when impacted, thus effectively preventing the flammable explosion. They should be made of bronze, brass, copper and aluminum alloys, copper, and beryllium. Because of copper's good thermal conductivity and the near absence of carbon, when tools and objects are rubbed or bumped, the heat generated in a short period of time is absorbed and transferred. All the alloys used to make this particular type of tool have lower tensile strength than conventional materials: this means they have less strength and resistance, are softer and wear faster, but produce a cold, low-heat spark that does not ignite anything. Explosion-proof tools are irreplaceable safety tools in inflammable and explosive places. They have safe mechanical properties, good hardness, and torque, and do not deform during use, which is consistent with their use-value.

Why are explosion-proof tools used in special fields?

Thirty years ago, in China's petroleum, chemical, oil refining, oil, and natural gas transportation and other inflammable and explosive places, accidents caused by tool friction and impact sparks caused by explosive gas explosions occurred occasionally, seriously damaging state property and personal safety. With the development of industry, fire, and explosion accidents caused by tool sparks have become more and more prominent. In order to avoid sparks caused by collision and friction, which may cause the combustion and explosion of flammable substances around, explosion-proof tools should be used for hand tools used in inflammable and explosive places.

Explosion Proof Hand Tools

Explosion Proof Hand Tools

How best to use the explosion proof tools?

First, make sure that all flameproof tools are thoroughly cleaned and free from rusting or iron contaminants that may damage the explosion-proof properties.

Second, you must always remember not to put them in direct contact with acetylene, which in the presence of moisture can produce highly dangerous and explosive acetaldehyde.

Third, we must always keep in mind that all flameproof tools are polished regularly in accordance with normal safety procedures to protect the eyes and face and the appropriate tools are used to collect the powder. Finally, it is essential to ventilate the room to remove potentially harmful powders and vapors from the air.

By following these simple rules, you will ensure that you always have clean and fully functional tools and minimize potential hazards in the workplace.

What are the risks of not using explosion-proof tools?

In some environments, the use of traditional hand tools made of steel alloys is unthinkable because it can cause unsolvable problems. Friction sparks can occur if tools fall off or rub against materials such as cement: in fact, steel alloys connected to chromium-vanadium can produce hot sparks because they instantly ignite combustible substances in the air. This can cause fires or explosions that endanger the lives of everyone in the workplace.

What are the risks of improper operation of explosion-proof tools?

When using explosion-proof tools, make sure they are operated correctly. It will cause danger if not handled properly. This can be dangerous if you choose the wrong hand tool. Installation and other reasons may cause hazards.

1. Risk of collision: it is not easy to grasp the explosion-proof tools, and it is easy to fly out of control. It can also be caused by an imbalance in the body, which can lead to the operator's body or someone nearby.

2. Cutting danger: some cutting edges of explosion-proof tools are very sharp. The burrs or sharp corners of such tools can be dangerous to the body.

3. Splash hazard: substances present during operation, such as wood chips and chemical solvents, may splash and cause injury to construction workers.

4. The danger of electric shock: electric shock accidents caused by explosion-proof tools may also occur, and necessary checks must be made before use.

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