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Where is the Non-Sparking Chain Hoist used?

29th. December, 2021

Non-Sparking Chain Hoist

In the family of lifting machinery, in addition to large objects such as lifting platforms, trucks, there is some small and light lifting equipment. Chain hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment, known as "Popeye". It has a wide range of applications. Let's learn more about it.


Food industry


For cranes in industries with high hygiene standards, such as the food industry, we first select suitable materials for the chain hoist, such as biodegradable or food industry-approved lubricants, special paints for the chain hoist and crane components to avoid contamination of food with paint particles, and high IP protection ratings such as IP66 or IP67. stainless steel is used to ensure corrosion and acid and alkali resistance.


Medical technology


Compared to the food industry, medical technology has more stringent hygiene requirements. Special cranes are specially designed for veterinary clinics and the lubricants used in chain hoists are food-grade. When transporting sick animals, there is a need to lift and lower the transported animals easily, smoothly, and without bumps. The hoisting unit of the chain hoist is controlled via a frequency converter, which allows the electric hoist to operate at very low and very high lifting speeds.


In addition, the frequency converter controller is equipped with overspeed protection and standstill monitoring ( SRC rotation control) as standard. If the electronics detect an abnormal movement of the electric hoist, e.g. if the motor brake slips under load, the hoist drive will stop and prevent the load from continuing to fall. The protection class is IP66 and the braking resistors are encapsulated, even up to IP67, and the solution is also suitable for high-pressure cleaning environments.




The aerospace industry is one of the industries with the highest and most stringent safety requirements. Work and assembly areas require a high level of hygiene standards. The single girder suspension crane with three end girders has a special trolley with rotatable friction wheels with guide wheels to minimize rim wear. In addition, the trolley is equipped with pallets in all places where wear may occur when the trolley is running on the main beam of the crane. At higher lifting heights and faster lifting speeds, the chain hoist is equipped with a frequency converter to precisely lift and lower the load.




The cleanroom places special demands on the purity of the air in the room and therefore has strict requirements on the workplace and the dress code of the personnel. On the one hand, it is to prevent the products of the cleanroom from being contaminated by people; on the other hand, the cleanroom should provide effective protection for the people working in this environment.


The working equipment used in the cleanroom, such as non-sparking chain hoists, should not cause contamination and will not provide a breeding ground for microorganisms, bacteria, or germs. In addition, the work equipment must be very wear-resistant and easy to clean. One way to make cranes have reduced wear performance is to install electronic anti-shaking devices on the crane. Whenever the crane accelerates and decelerates, load swaying occurs. The electronic anti-sway device avoids such swaying.


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