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Explosion Wrench Commonly Used By Electricians

20th. March, 2020

Explosion wrench is a tool for tightening or loosening angled screws or nuts. Electricians commonly use three types: 200, 250, and 300mm. When using, you should choose according to the size of the nut. When using, hold the handle in the right hand. The more you lean back, the less effort it takes to pull it. When you pull the small nut, you need to keep turning the worm gear to adjust the size of the trigger, so you should hold your hand close to the lip, and use the thumb to adjust the worm gear to fit the nut. Size. The percussion wrench is used to install and remove large hexagonal screws or nuts. Outside electricians can use it to install and remove steel frame structures such as iron towers. This is a plum wrench, commonly known as an eye wrench, which is used to remove hexagon nuts or bolts. Hex nuts or bolts located in a slightly recessed position are particularly convenient. Lever principle is used to turn bolts, screws, nuts and other threads to hold bolts or nuts in openings or sockets. Hand tools are used for special wrenches. Special wrenches are usually on one end Or the shank part is applied at both ends to apply external force. The shank part can apply external force to turn the bolt or nut. The opening or sleeve hole of the bolt or nut can be turned. When using the external force along the direction of thread rotation, the bolt or nut can be turned.

DIN Wrench

DIN Wrench

Performance of non-sparking wrench: no spark will be produced by percussion, friction, drop hammer, impact, etc., but the explosion-proof medium is not resistant to corrosion in all cases, such as in humid ammonia, a certain Some ammonium salts, acetylene, moist fluorine, chlorine, chromium ammonium, some dichromates, potassium hydride and other media have a considerable degree of corrosion. In addition, some media will react chemically after contacting the copper alloy, resulting in highly dangerous explosive substances, such as acetylene steel formed by the combination of acetylene and steel. In the above situation, use explosion-proof tools in a dry environment as much as possible.

Personnel (types of work) engaged in industrial production systems such as electric power production and electrical manufacturing, electrical maintenance, construction and installation industries. People who are engaged in the study of objective laws in the electromagnetic field and their applications are usually called electrical engineers. Electrical engineering, a discipline, is the opposite of electronics, and focuses on strong electricity. Can also be short for electrical engineering. The electrical profession is full of dangers. In addition to having strong skills, you also need rigorous work style and perfect safeguards. DIN wrenches and insulation tools are commonly used tools for electric power. When choosing, pay special attention to the quality and reliability of the product to prevent danger.