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Explosion Proof Tools aluminum Bronze Hand Tools

19th. October, 2020

The development history

Explosion-proof tools began to be applied in domestic petroleum, chemical industry, oil refining, oil and gas transportation, and other special fields as early as the 1980s. But because at that time the domestic explosion-proof tool industry did not develop, can only use at that time the reserve is not rich foreign exchange imports from abroad. In order to let customers use the explosion-proof tools made in China, Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group as the representative of the domestic production enterprises after several years of effort and continuous practice finally produced domestic explosion-proof tools products.

In the past thirty years, Chinese Explosion Proof Tools manufacturing enterprises have always adhered to technological transformation and technological investment, and silently realized their dream of making China a powerful country in Explosion-proof tools manufacturing through practical actions.

The international status

According to the insiders, the explosion-proof tools manufactured in China now account for about 80% of the global market space, and the explosion-proof tools manufactured in China occupy a certain position in the international market.

According to customs statistics, Hebei Zhongbo Safety Tools Group has seen its products reach more than 94.6% of the national export of explosion-proof Tools for five consecutive years.The company also has a domestic market share of more than 80 percent.

The industrial distribution

According to the release of the explosion-proof tool manufacturing industry in China, Hebei, Tianjin is the most concentrated area of the explosion-proof tool industry, especially the Botou city is more obvious. Botou not only has a large number of explosion-proof tools production enterprises, large-scale professional production of explosion-proof tools - Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group is located here.

Explosion Proof Tools aluminum Bronze Hand Tools

Explosion Proof Tools

Status of Technology development

At present, China's explosion-proof tool industry has entered the ODM independent design and production stage from the original OEM label production stage. At present, China's explosion-proof tools have been equipped with advanced manufacturing technology and entered the stage of the fifth generation of products, thus gaining a competitive advantage in the international market.

● The first generation of products, draw lessons from The European Danish casting process, casting blank processing and forming, to the market, fill the national gap.

The casting products have pores, trachoma, shrinkage, irregular surface, easy to bend, easy to change, easy to break, and short service life. Note: From 1983 to 1989, we obtained 23 patents for beryllium bronze smelting and production for domestic material manufacturing

● The second generation of products, steel mold casting process

The surface of steel mold casting products is refined quickly, which solves the surface sand holes and improves the quality of some products, but it is still a steel mold casting product. In a phase of a product transition.

Note: From 1990 to 1998, 28 patents for smelting and manufacturing beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze were created for domestic material manufacturing. 

● In the third generation of products, the precision casting process

Precision casting products, smooth surface, uniform density, no pores, no sand holes, improve the accuracy of products, alloy mechanical properties enhance, improve the competitiveness of the domestic and foreign markets.

Note: From 1999 to 2006, 36 patents for beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze were created for domestic material manufacturing

● The fourth-generation product, die forging manufacturing process

The company has successfully created a copper alloy die forging process, changed the production process of explosion-proof tools, and adopted 150-4000T six sets of friction press for rolling according to the size of the tools, and created a number of national patents. Advantages: high density, good toughness, smooth surface, clear writing, not easy to bend, not easy to break, uniform hardness, long service life. Note: From 2007 to 2016, the use of high-quality beryllium base alloy from Kazakhstan and the undisclosed combination method has enhanced the competitiveness of the domestic and foreign markets, reaching the export famous brand products and the international top explosion-proof tools. Manufacturing beryllium Bronze explosion-proof Tools and aluminum Bronze Hand Tools, obtaining 43 patents

● The fifth generation of products, intelligent precision forging manufacturing process

Selected imported raw materials, improved smelting process, 3 sets of newly introduced die forging hammer, 4 sets of precision forging machine, beryllium bronze explosion-proof tools and aluminum bronze explosion-proof tools have obtained EXIIC grade in the no-ignition test at the national testing station, and the national CNAS laboratory and explosion-proof tool technical center have been established. The explosion-proof tools produced by Botou Safety Tools Group have exceeded the technical parameters of the international market, with the appearance precision ≤6.3 m, standardized, automatic and intelligent production, full coverage of DIN standard die forging, novel appearance design, the introduction of international advanced technology, novel body automatic packaging.