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What Is the Correct Way to Use Explosion-Proof Screwdriver?

08th. April, 2020

The main metal material of explosion proof tools is copper alloy. There are many types of cast copper alloys, roughly divided by composition: cast pure copper and high-copper alloys, cast bronze, cast brass, cast copper-nickel alloy (copper). Cast pure copper has good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and wears resistance. Sometimes also add some trace elements (such as P, Sn, Zn, Mg, Fe, B, RE, etc.) and pure copper to form a high copper alloy, its performance is similar to pure copper. Engineering is used to calling them, copper. The copper alloy with zinc as the main alloy element is called brass or ordinary brass.

All copper alloys that do not use zinc as the main alloying element are called bronze. Cast bronze is divided into tin bronze, aluminum bronze, beryllium bronze, nickel bronze (nickel bronze) according to its main alloy elements. Bronze has good wear resistance and high corrosion resistance. It has a low melting point, good casting performance, and good mechanical properties. Among them, aluminum bronze and beryllium bronze are collectively known as "safety tools" and "non-sparking tools" internationally, and collectively as "explosion-proof tools" in China. On this basis, the multi-component alloy composed of other elements is called special brass, and its mechanical, physical and chemical properties have been significantly improved, which can meet the requirements of multiple uses. Cast brass can be divided into aluminum brass, silicon brass, manganese brass, and lead brass according to the minor elements other than zinc.

Explosion Screwdriver

Explosion Screwdriver

Explosion-proof screwdrivers, also known as screwdrivers, are divided into traditional screwdrivers and ratchet screwdrivers. The traditional screwdriver consists of a plastic handle plus an iron bar that can lock the screw, while the ratchet screwdriver consists of a plastic handle plus a ratchet mechanism. The latter allows the iron rod of the lock screw to idle clockwise or counterclockwise. The function of idle rotation can promote the efficiency of the lock screw without having to turn the power drive back to the original position one by one.

Explosion screwdriver is a type of explosion-proof tools, made from beryllium bronze and aluminum bronze as raw materials. Beryllium bronze alloy and aluminum bronze alloy are all copper alloys with good concession. Sparks do not occur when impacted or rubbed and are very suitable for manufacturing safety tools used in explosive, flammable, strong magnetic and corrosive occasions.

Usage: Align the end of the screwdriver with a special shape to the top recess of the screw, fix it, and then start to rotate the handle. According to the specification standard, clockwise rotation is tight-fitting; counterclockwise rotation is loosening.