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Common Types of Electric Hoist and Key Points of Use

12th. September, 2020

Electric hoist

The electric hoist is a small-sized, light-weight, low-cost, and easy-to-use small lifting equipment driven by electricity. According to its structure, it can be divided into wire rope type electric hoist and chain type electric hoist.


Electric chain hoist

Chain Hoist China is an electric hoist with a welded circular chain as the load. Compared with wire rope electric hoist, the structure is lighter and the price is cheaper. 1. The machine body is made of high-quality low-carbon alloy steel. This material has the characteristics of anti-corrosion and wear resistance. It will not be worn for a long time and is durable. 2. Electric chain hoist adopts high-strength lifting chain, through high-temperature quenching technology, the surface has been specially treated, it is not easy to break even under overload conditions, ensuring the safety of workers. 3. High-strength hook, which belongs to high-strength die-forged hook, has good flexibility and is not loose. In the case of accidental overload, it will only slowly deform and will not break. 4. Use a waterproof button switch, light and durable, advanced design, higher safety factor. 5. The frame of the electric chain hoist adopts a stamping structure, which is light and flexible, compact in structure, upper and lower limit devices, and electromagnetic brake devices.

Chain Hoist China

Chain Hoist China


Wire rope electric hoist

The wire rope electric hoist is an electric hoist with a wire rope as the load. It has a compact structure, lightweight, high efficiency, and easy operation. Equipped with a running trolley, it can be used as a lifting mechanism for overhead monorail cranes, electric single beams, and electric suspension cranes.

The main points of using Aluminium Bronze Alloy Chain Hoist

To use the electric hoist safely, you must pay attention to the following points:

1. Operate strictly according to regulations and strictly prohibit overloading.

2. The limiter is a safety device to prevent the hook from rising or falling beyond the limit position and cannot be used as a switch.

3. It is not allowed to park the load in the air for a long time to prevent permanent deformation and other accidents.

4. After the work is completed, the hook should be raised to a height above 2m from the ground, and the power supply should be cut off.

5. Do not lift at an angle to avoid damage to the rope guide device.

6. When the heavy object is falling and can’t stop, you can quickly press the "up" button to make the weight rise a little, then you can press the "down" button, and do not release it until the weight is slowly approaching the ground. Then check.

7. According to the usage, check regularly to keep good lubrication.