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Benefits And Application Notices of Titanium Tools

09th. June, 2023

Titanium alloy as a new alloy material has great advantages in performance. This is incomparable to other metals. So titanium tools also inherit the excellent properties of titanium alloy perfectly. Read on for more information.

Advantages of Titanium Tools

1. High Strength

Titanium alloy density is generally around 4.51g / cm3, only 60% of steel, pure titanium density is only close to the density of ordinary steel, some high strength titanium alloy exceeds the strength of many alloy structural steel.

2. Good corrosion resistance

Titanium alloys work in the humid atmosphere and seawater medium, its corrosion resistance is far better than stainless steel; resistance to pitting, acid corrosion, stress corrosion is particularly strong.

3. High thermal strength

The use of temperature than the aluminum alloy several hundred degrees, in the medium temperature can still maintain the required strength, can be in 450 ~ 500 ℃ temperature long-term work of these two types of titanium alloys in 150 ℃ ~ 500 ℃ range still has a very high than the strength, while the aluminum alloy in 150 ℃ than the strength dropped significantly.

Benefits And Application Notices Of Titanium Tools

                                     Titanium Tool

4. Chemical activity is large

The chemical activity of titanium is large, and the atmosphere O, N, H, CO, CO2, water vapor, ammonia, etc. produces a strong chemical reaction. When the carbon content is greater than 0.2%, it will form a hard Tic in titanium alloy.

5. Good low-temperature performance

Titanium alloy in low temperature and ultra-low temperature can still maintain its mechanical properties.


Limits of Titanium Tools

The main limitation of titanium and titanium alloy is the poor chemical reactivity with other materials at high temperatures. Unlike conventional refining, melting, and casting techniques, titanium alloys often even cause damage to the mold. Titanium alloys have become very expensive, so they were initially used in aircraft structures, aircraft, and high-tech industries such as the petroleum and chemical industries.


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