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About Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group Co., Ltd.

19th. July, 2019

Comprehensive Group Company

Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group was founded in 1983,which is a new OTC market listed company (stock code: 832291),National high-tech enterprise, provincial military and civilian integration enterprises. We have 4 wholly-owned subsidiaries , 1 Technology R&D Center and Branch Company in US. And also, we have established distributors in Germany, France, the United Kingdom etc. The company has 680 employees, with an annual sales income of 380 million yuan.

The largest Manufacturer of Non sparking Tools in the World

Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group has 5 tools series: Beryllium Copper and Aluminum bronze non sparking tools, Titanium tools, Special steel tools, Insulated tools and Stainless steel tools.The products have been awarded gold medal of provincial and ministerial level for many times. It has been included in the National Torch Plan and Public Relations plan of science and technology. It is widely used in aerospace, petrochemical, mining metallurgy, medical and food Industry etc. With an annual output of 5 million pieces non sparking tools, the products not only covered  the whole domestic market, but also exported to more than 110 countries and regions. The domestic market share occupies over 80%, which accounting for 96% of the total export value of China Non sparking tools.

China Tools Famous Brand Enterprise

Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group is China tool Top Ten enterprise and China Famous export brand enterprise,owning the Chinese famous trademark "Qiaofang" and 2 well-known brand "Zhongbo" and "X-Spark" export brand. We have the British Royal UKAS certification, Germany TUV and GS certification, U.S FM certification. Meanwhile,we have successfully registered in more than 30 countries such as European Union, Japan, Singapore, Russia, India, Taiwan etc.

National Standard Framer of Non Sparking Tools

Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group  is national standard framer of Non sparking tools.we have participate in drafting more than 20 standards of non sparking tools.We have provincial engineering technology center - "Botou Non Sparking Tools Testing Center" and "Third-level national defense Metrology technology center",which is the only one in Cangzhou City. It is also demonstration base for military-civilian integration of production, education and research of Hebei Province.

Hebei Botou Safety Tools Group set up the development strategy of "mastering the core technology, occupying the high-end market, building national brand" to make "BOTOU TOOLS" to be a century enterprise and "X-Spark" to be a century brand. The project adheres to the concept of high-point planning, high-end positioning, top-level design, comprehensive trial and innovation-driven, intelligent manufacturing upgrading plan, to build the company to be the world's largest "military and civil use non-sparking  tools demonstration base", "Non-sparking tools research and development center" and "national defense measurement technology demonstration center" within 3-5 years.

Top-level Plan

Hiring the top design institute in the field of domestic machinery industry - "China Machinery Industry Sixth Design Institute" make overall design, to build an fully intelligent,networked, digital system, a first-class modernized factory.

Technical Innovation

Adhere to independent innovation and research and development, firmly grasp the core technology of independent intellectual property rights, maintain the leading position in the world. In cooperation with the National colleges and universities, the fifth and sixth generation of new materials and technologies for explosion-proof tools have been developed with the aim of high-end fields such as aerospace, shipbuilding, petroleum and petrochemical industries.

Industrial Design

In cooperation with the Industrial Design Institute of  Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University etc, promote the industrial design of Non sparking tools, to realize the transformation from " Botou Manufacturing" to "Botou Creation" ,and enhance the added value and competitiveness of products.

Intelligent equipment

The introduction of a number of the world's top precision forging, processing and testing equipment. For example: German LASCO die forging machine, SCHULIER forging automatic production line, OBLF spectrometer, JAPAN David CNC machining center, ITALY Hexagon CMM etc.